• Promotes good local governance practices and innovations
• Facilitates the promotion and utilization of the e-procurement Law
• Knowledge sharing, knowledge exchange programs through conferences,
round table discussions and forums on exemplary practices, tools and
processes, cases, policy issues and governance trends
• Information Dissemination
• Partnerships with media for public education
• Facilitate the conduct of Conferences, Round Table Discussions on
Exemplary Practices, Tools and Processes, Cases, Policy Issues and Other
Government Trends
• Forge partnership activities with the Media and other stakeholders for public
• Prepare Press Release and Media Kits for the Department’s Programs
• Manage the publication of the quarterly publication of Newsletter
• Design and prepare IEC Materials on LGRRC activities and services
• Work closely with the other LGRRC Facilities to ensure harmonized
implementation of LGRRC activities
• Prepare the Facility Work Plan and Quarterly Accomplishment Reports


Public Education KPs